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Domestic Staffing Jobs Available

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8502Live- Out Nanny for 2 Sweet Girls in SmyrnaFull timeSmyrnaGeorgia$18 - $25
8501Live - Out Afternoon Nanny for a Busy Family in Ball GroundFull timeBall GroundGeorgia$18 - $25
8493Live-Out Nanny for an Infant in North BuckheadFull timeAtlantaGeorgia$20 - $25
8496Part-Time Nanny for 2 Boys in Sandy SpringsPart timeAtlantaGeorgia$20 - $25 an hour
8500Live-Out Infant Nanny for Great Family in North BrookhavenFull timeAtlantaGeorgia$18 - $23
8485Live-Out Afternoon Nanny for 2 boys in Druid HillsPart timeAtlantaGA$20 - $25
8483Live-Out Spanish Speaking Nanny in Brookhaven for 2 boysFull timeBrookhavenGeorgia$20 -22
8478Part-Time Afternoon Nanny for 2 girls in Sandy SpringsPart timeAtlantaGeorgia$20 - $25
8499Live-Out Afternoon Nanny for an Incredible Family in BuckheadFull timeAtlantaGeorgia$25 - $30 per hour
8488Live-Out Nanny for Twins in SavannahFull timeSavannahGeorgia$20 - $25
8495Live-Out Nanny for a Great Family in CummingPart timeCummingGeorgia$20 - $25 per hour
8482Part-Time Nanny for 2 boys in AlpharettaPart timeAlpharettaGeorgia$20- $25
8491Live-Out Nanny for 2 Active boys in North BuckheadFull timeAtlantaGeorgia$20 - $25
8487Live-Out Nanny Manager for a Toddler in AcworthPart timeAcworthGeorgia$20 - $25
8466Full Time Nanny for three Boys in MonticelloFull timeMonticelloGA$20 - $25+
8486Full-Time Housekeeper/House Manager for a Family in BuckheadFull timeAtlantaGA$20 - $25
8497Live-Out Nanny for a Family in ChambleeFull timeAtlantaGeorgia$20 - $25 per hour
8492Live-Out Nanny Manager for a Sweet Girl in MariettaFull timeMariettaGeorgia$20 - $25 AN HOUR
8465Live-Out Nanny Mgr + Benefits For 2 Midtown AtlantaFull timeAtlantaGeorgia$23 - 25 per hour
8453Nanny Manager in AlpharettaPart timeAlpharettaGeorgia$20hr
8474Temporary Part-Time Infant Nanny for a Family in McDonoughPart timeMcdonoughGeorgia$20 - $25
8461Part Time Afterschool Nanny for 2 in BrookhavenPart timeAtlantaGeorgia$18 - 21hr
8480Full-Time Personal/Administrative AssistantFull timeBuckheadGeorgia$20 -$25

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Minimum Qualifications & Thorough background checks

There are different tier levels of background checks that we will perform on you.Background Checks: 
  •       Phone interview
  •       In-person interview  
  •       National criminal check
  •       County criminal records check        
  •       Sexual offender check 
  •       Driving history check  (A clean driving record is required)                      
  •       Social security number trace check
  •       Employment Verification & Reference checks
  •       Employee (you) must own a car and be able to use the car if needed while working.
  •       You must also provide proof of auto insurance to the family.
  •       You must have a valid driver’s license.
  •       Must be CPR and 1st Aid training OR willing to get re-certified.
  •       U.S. Citizen or Valid U.S. Work Permit
  •       At least 3 years of professional childcare experience. You must provide a minimum of 3 professional childcare references. 
Favorable online and social media presence. Please make sure that you social media profile looks professional. Please know that most families WILL research information about you online!

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